What digitization services do you offer for faculty who need to have VHS tapes converted to DVDs for classroom use with DVD players?

We can convert VHS to DVD or to any media that can stream off the web or play on a computer.

Do you do the conversion yourselves?  

We will convert your media! We are staffed by students who are trained to do this work.

Is there a fee?  

There is no fee provided this work is done for a course.

What is the rate of turnaround expected for conversion (to get an equipment appointment or to have the work done by your staff)?

We ask one week turn-around time for most simple conversions. More in depth projects may take a little longer.

Do you help mount files on BlackBoard, too?

Yes! We can upload projects into BlackBoard or show you how to do it yourself.

What if my VHS tape is a bit damaged or the images are of poor quality?

We can do very little to increase the quality of VHS tapes. Some of them are quite old and deteriorate with time. We will do our best to clean up artifacts, but are somewhat limited by the media we receive. Also, you will need to provide our office with blank DVD-Rs.

Can you help me create a new Blackboard course or copy an existing course into a new semester?

Yes! We can help you with your Blackboard course. Contact us to schedule a time to visit or just stop by CCC 123 between 9 AM – 5 PM, Monday through Friday. You can also call us at (607) 255-9760 or email us at acadtech@cornell.edu. Also visit our BBhelp site.

Can you help me record a class to put up online?

Yes! Visit our Video Services page to find out more.


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