Misc Tools for Teaching and Research

Wacom Bamboo ‘Connect’ Tablet

  • Ideal for editing and having fun with photos
  • Easily retouch, edit, and enhance your digital images
  • Multi-Touch gestures include scroll, zoom, rotate, and swipe
  • Software included: Adobe Photoshop Elements, Autodesk Sketchbook Express, Nik Color Efex Pro 3.0 WE3
  • Works with many different applications. Use to take notes or write equations
Livescribe Sky Wifi Smart Pen

    • Capture the audio of your lecture as you take notes
    • Playback the audio by clicking the written line in your Livescribe notebook
    • Sync notes wirelessly to your Evernote account or use the Livescribe software to read and transfer your notes onto your portable device
Bluetooth Magic Mouse and Keyboard

    • Magic Mouse:
    • Laser technology delivers 20 times the performance of standard optical tracking
    • Miniature sensors detect even the slightest movement
    • Bluetooth technology and Touch-sensitive technology
    • Keyboard:
    • Works with the Bluetooth option in your Mac to provide a cable-free way to interact with your system at a distance of up to 33 feet
    • Features 16-function keys, full numeric keypad, document navigation keys, and an inverted-T
    • Requires a Bluetooth enabled Macintosh
Leap Motion

    • The Leap Motion Controller senses your hands and fingers and follows their every move.
    • It lets them move in all that wide-open space between you and your computer.
    • It’s a super-wide 150° field of view and a Z-axis for depth. That means you can move your hands in 3D, just like you do in the real world.
    • The Leap Motion Controller can track your movements at a rate of over 200 frames per second.
Double Robot

    • Double places your iPad on a mobile base that you control remotely
    • Drive around while on a two-way video call
    • Self-balancing base on wheels
    • Motorized height adjustment from 47 to 59 inches
    • Dual kickstands for power saving while at rest
    • Lightweight design ensures a safe environment


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